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#1 – ‘Looking for vboxmanage.exe’ – Docker Toolbox error


If your first run return the string as in the follow image, some problems during installation of VirtualBox occured.


The solution was uninstall VirtualBox, eliminate all configuration directory (both VirtualBox and Docker one). Here the steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel, in Programs and in Programs and features uninstall the software VirtualBox:
  2. Then go in C:/Users/$username/ and delete both the directories .docker and .VirtualBox, if you cannot find these directory probably you need to enable hidden folder visualization (search it with from Start launcher):
  3. restart your computer
  4. restart the installation of Docker Toolbox selecting only VirtualBox if possible:

Finally my Docker Quickstart Toolbox started set up. If you have any problem with this procedure please comment this post or the main post. Thanks! GWH!

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