#4 – ‘Error with pre-create check’ – Docker Toolbox error


When your run Docker Quickstart Terminal for the first time it runs the default machine. So download the boot2docker.iso if not found in the directory. Sometimes this error pop up, on Windows the log is similar to that:

Creating CA: C:\Users\Giorgio\.docker\machine\certs\ca.pem
Creating client certificate: C:\Users\Giorgio\.docker\machine\certs\cert.pem
Running pre-create checks...
(default) No defaultBoot2Docker ISO found locally, downloading the latest release...
Error with pre-create check: "Get https://api.github.com/repos/boot2docker/boot2docker/releases/latest: dial tcp: lookup api.github.com: getaddrinfow: Host sconosciuto."
looks like something went wrong in step `Checking if machine default exists`...

I haven’t understood what exactly create this error, but I thing a restricted certification of the LAN or firewall can be the cause.


The solution that I found is:

  • Check if the connection is strong enough and free of download the iso;
  • Delete the directory .docker/ in C:\Users\{username}\.docker that contain the old configurations;
  • Run again the Quickstart Docker Terminal that re-create the directory and download again the latest iso.

Alternatively, download the latest ISO manually (download the Latest Release) and save it inside C:\Users\{username}\.docker\machine\cache\.

Using this solution Docker Quickstart Toolbox works perfectly.

If you have any problem with this procedure please comment this post or the main post. Thanks! GWH!

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