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CPack DEB generator: control-file-has-bad-permissions mdsums 0644 != 0644

Today I had to deal with packaging GEOtop for Debian based distro. Obviously, after having created the package, I tested it on an Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Machine.

Well, after a simple double click on the package, trying to install it, I got the WARNING shown in figure


control-file-has-bad-permissions md5sums 0664!=0644

What??? I had just typed cpack on terminal to generate the package, what was wrong?

Well, the problem is a bug in the version 3.3.1 of CMake, which has been already fixed in the master branch of the official git repository. You can get the source code through

$ git clone git://

Once building it, I got no more problems.

Oh, I was forgetting a very important thing: if you want to get a working cmake-curses-gui you have to install the libncurses-dev library and then run ./bootstrap with --qt-gui option (so libqt4 is required as well).

That’s all. GWH!!!

Published by Francesco Serafin

I am a PhD student at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trento. My two greatest loves: Computer Science and Water (take three with my Lenovo!:D). As a result, the aim of my life is to make both passions coexist. My gpg public key available at

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