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Docker Toolbox for Windows OS – install and troubleshooting


Here you can find how to install Docker Toolbox for Windows OS. Firstable, if you haven’t already check the prerequisites to install Docker for Windows, please read this post before starting installation.

Installation on Windows OS

For the installation is difficult to do better then Docker team, so follow this guide!. Here I report the steps with some tips from comments and personal experiences.

  1. Download the installer (.exe) from GitHub page releases here and execute it, if requested give to the installer all administration rights otherwise it cannot install the software;
  2. Proceed with the installation reading the instructions and clicking on “Next”:
  3. Choose the installation directory and click on “Next”:
  4. Check all components that are not already installed on your system, if not sure select all and click on “Next”:
  5. Check the additional tasks that you want to install on your system. Add Docker binaries to PATH and Upgrade Boot2Docker VM are recommended.
    NDIS5 driver for VirtualBox is necessary if you have problems with NDIS6 driver (go to troubleshooting section above for more information).
    Click on “Next” and “Install”:

  6. If everything was correct you will reach a window like follow. Click on “Finish” and Docker Toolbox application folder will appear.

Is very simple and I haven’t problems during installation. If you encountered some troubles please comment on this post and we will check, solve and answer to you.

First run of Docker Toolbox on Windows

If you just finished to install Docker for Windows the installer opened the Docker Toolbox directory as reported in the last image of the previous section. If you want to open Docker next time just search Docker Quickstart Terminal and click on it.

The first time that you open Docker Quickstart Terminal it set up everything needed by Docker for the execution. Some bugs popped up for me, check in the troubleshooting below for the solution.

After a bit the Docker Quickstart Terminal will start and you should have visualized the follow window:

To check if your system is set correctly just type docker version in Docker Terminal window. The result should be something like that:

Of course the result is different if you have different version of the software. For any problems on this, check troubleshooting below.
If you don’t find any solution comment on this post and we will answer to you as soon as possible.

If you encountered the sting time=2017-04-13T19:29:59+02:00" level=info msg="Unable to use system certificate pool: crypto/x509: system root pool is not avaiable on Windows" don’t worry. It is a bug of Docker that “if no custom certs are found, a nil pool is used” as indicated in a discussion here.

Troubleshooting in Docker Toolbox for Windows OS

#1 – ‘Looking for vboxmanage.exe’

If you encountered this error starting the Docker Quickstart Terminal, follow the #1 – ‘Looking for vboxmanage.exe’ – Docker Toolbox error post.

#2 – open //.pipe/docker_engine: The system cannot find the file specified.

To take a look on how I solved this problem on my laptop please follow the post #2 – open //.pipe/docker_engine: The system cannot find the file specified. – Docker Toolbox error.

#3 – ‘repository name must be lowercase’

This is a simple error that I solved on my laptop in two ways, please follow the post #3 – ‘repository name must be lowercase’ – Docker Toolbox error.

Of course other troubles can get out for different computers, remember to check the Official troubleshooting page! Otherwise:

If you encounter new problems please comment this post indicating your full operating system specifications and complete error log.

Hope that can help you all guys! GWH!

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