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Downgrade a package when it crashes after a pacman upgrade

After a recent update, when I tried to open the virtualbox, it has been closed without any type of error. So, what to do? I found a very useful package, that it helped me to solve these kind of problems: downgrade .


pacman downgrade

To install this package, you can download it from AUR and then compile the source code (follow this blog ), or you can install it through yaourt (yaourt: how to install through terminal), a community-contributed wrapper for pacman which adds seamless access to the AUR, allowing and automating package compilation and installation from your choice of the thousands of PKGBUILDs in the AUR, in addition to the many thousands of available Arch Linux binary packages.

$ yaourt downgrade

Now, to downgrade a broken package, you have to simple digit:

$ downgrade package_you_want

In my case, I wrote:

$ downgrade virtualbox

(the tab completion is working also with this command). Just choose the version of the package to install, if ban the an eventually new version of the package from future update and the downgrade will executed.

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