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Easter Eggs

Today I was doing my daily stroll among the usual websites when I read an awesome post in one of my preferred blogs: Il Disinformatico – Easter eggs.

Funny…extremely funny!

Unfortunately and due to several reasons, my relation with pc and IT in general had been troubling until nine years ago when many people (I can’t list everyone, but in my mind I say thanks them every morning) helped me to rediscover my hidden passion.

This is the main reason because my knowledge about the different type of tricks in the informatic world is very poor. But I’m trying all my best to recover the time lost.

So, today, thanks to the post above, I entered in the amazing world of the Easter Eggs.

What are the Easter Eggs? Trying to translate the definition found in the website, the Easter Eggs are harmless and often fun surprises, which are hidden in every kind of software, operating system and movie.

For example, in a Debian-based operating system you can find this famous easter egg:

    • Log in to a shell as root;
    • Type apt-get moo and press Enter

I don’t want to reveal the result…try, it’s very funny!

The Easter Eggs described in the post above cited is another brilliant gem: the default image in Outlook 2010 is the mugshot of Bill Gates! The source of this news is ars technica.

bill-gates-mug-shot outlook-default-person

Another one Easter Eggs is from Firefox: typing about:robots; in the search bar you can get this terrifiyng page:


Funny, too funny!

If you know how can I improve my Easter Eggs knowledge, please let me know leaving a comments! I’m very curious!

Happy hacking GWH!

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I am a PhD student at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trento. My two greatest loves: Computer Science and Water (take three with my Lenovo!:D). As a result, the aim of my life is to make both passions coexist. My gpg public key available at

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