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Free education: IHE Delft Open Courseware

About IHE Delft

Sometimes the web get me happiness through is freedom, so I am writing this post to sponsor the free education, that is always good if you follow the right channels! I’m pretty sure that this institution do that in an awesome way.

IHE Delft

IHE Delft is committed to solving the world’s water crisis by educating the water leaders of the future, particularly those from developing countries and countries in transition. The demand for water education by far exceeds the number of professionals that the Institute can train. IHE Delft bridges this gap by making education available for free on its OCW Platform.

Where to find the free courses

The direct link to find all available courses is this, but I suggest to you just to take a look to the entire website and maybe you will be inspired by the great work they are doing.

That’s actually all, happy learning!

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