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GEOtop 2.1 (Triest) & Docker

Hi there! BIG BIG NEWS!!! GEOtop 2.1 (Triest) & Docker!!!

GEOtop 2.1 has just been released as a Docker container!!!

GEOtop 2.1 (Triest) & Docker

Now you can easily run GEOtop on your machine (Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, DOESN’T MATTER!) and cloud platforms (AWS, GOOGLE).

Please, consider to visit the official Docker Hub repo (you can also click on the logo above) and try to run GEOtop following the simple instruction gather there.

Olaf David and I are working on this brand new development. Thus, feel free to leave any feedback…really, every feedback is a useful resource.

Other news in the following posts.

Grow Working Hard guys! This is what really matter!

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