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GEOtop: the OFFICIAL GitHub account

This is an important day…well, really it was yesterday Wednesday the 23rd of September 2015…anyhow, what matters is that the OFFICIAL GEOtop GitHub account is now available at this link




At the moment it collects the following repositories:

  • the GEOtop source code, expertly transferred from by Gianfranco Gallizia (if you have time or even if you don’t but you are an IT enthusiast, I strongly suggest to take a look at his blog GNUrants. There, you will be able to appreciate his huge knowledge and wisdom);
  • the GEOtop pre-compiled packages, now available for Windows 7 64bit, GNU/Linux Debian-based operating systems (both 32 and 64bit) and OS X 64bit (tested on Yosemite);
  • the GEOtop test cases: thanks to Giacomo Bertoldi now we have a very good and exhaustive 3D test case with both Energy and Water Budgets enabled (about Val Venosta) and as soon as possible we will have another complete 1D test case (I have just to change some settings in the geotop.inpts file, and then when it works I will upload it on the repo).

If you are interested in GEOtop and you want to learn more about the physical processes implemented and the history development, you will surely appreciate the Pr. Riccardo Rigon‘s post “GEOtop essentials”, where the model is briefly described and links to papers and other useful websites have been collected.

What are my goals for the next few days:

  1. Adding an exhaustive description of the new GEOtop structure to this post;
  2. Create the GEOtop GitHub page on the new account.

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