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Giswater 11: how to install on Windows

Information on software

GISWATER is a powerful tool to interface EPASWMM and EPANET with QGIS and here I want to explain step by step how to install it on Windows.

Installation steps

Firstable search it on Web and download it, or download it directly by clicking here.

Save the installer and execute it, if your antivirus/firewall doesn’t trust give the right permission manually.

Give the Administrator permissions:

and the installation will start, read the window’s datails and click “Next” to proceed.

Accept the Licence Agreement and click “Next”.

Prompt the installation directory (leave default if not sure). Click “Next”.

Prompt the directory where to put the shortcut of the software (dafault is C:\Windows\Programs\Giswater\1.1), tick the box if you don’t want to create it. Click “Next”.

Click “Next” if you want the software creates a Desktop shortcut, untick the box before if you don’t want it.

If all the settings that appear are right click on “Install” to proceed.

If you don’t have already installed, the installer will launch the Microsoft Visual C++. Accept the Licence and proceed clicking on “Install” and when the installation of it is finished click on “Finish”.

If the installaller doesn’t return error it should pop up the follow windows with several information. Click “Next”.

The installation is finished, click “Finish” to exit.

For any problems or unclear steps comment this post. GWH!

PS. At this link you can find an official video by Giswater developers where they show these steps.

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