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How to enable LAN on Arch Linux

After basic installation of Arch Linux on your notebook, you could have the necessity to enable LAN network to download some heavy package.


In that case, firstable you have to get current device names via sysfs (where is virtual file system provided by linux):

ls /sys/class/net/
enp0s25  lo  wlp3s0

where the ethernet network interface device name start with en, in my case enp0s25, when the wlan interface device name start with wl, in my case wlp3s0.
You can activate it, with root privilege, using

ip link set dev enp0s25 up

and to configure the dhcp IP address, always like root, you have to digit

dhcpcd enp0s25

If you want to disable ethernet network interface, and you want to re-enable the wlan interface, you have to write in your console (like root):

ip link set dev enp0s25 down
ip link set dev wlp3s0 up

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