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Installing GEOtop precompiled packages on OSX

THIS GUIDE IS WORK IN PROGRESS! Every type of feedback will be appreciate and will be very useful for me.

At the moment only one package is available and it is the 64 bit version, tested on MAC OS X 10.10.5

Installing precompiled packages on OS X is rather easy.

The most complex action is installing Homebrew. To download and install it, run the install script on the command line as below

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Now install the PROJ library version 4.9.x:

$ brew search proj
$ brew install proj

If you had already install the proj library before reading this guide, you could have installed an old version (e.g. 4.8.x), so to be sure

$ brew uninstall proj
$ brew update
$ brew install proj

Once installed the PROJ4, you need to create the symlink in /usr/local/lib to the shared and static libraries

$ brew link --overwrite proj

Now simply download the .dmg file from the official GEOtop repository clicking on the package and then on view the full file. Then follow the installation wizard.

You could get a warning message, because the package has not been downloaded from the official App Store. Just right click on the icon, then Open With the default DiskImageMounter. You shouldn’t get any other problem.

The GEOtop binary will be installed in /usr/bin so you will be able to run geotop . wherever in you system.

PAY ATTENTION: this package had been built against MeteoIO, so the geotop.inpts of your working directory has to be properly set. To get an example, you can see small_example from the Official GEOtop Examples Repository

To uninstall GEOtop just type

$ rm /usr/bin/geotop-2.0.1

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