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Lambda expressions are allowed only at source level 1.8 or above

Lambda expressions allowed source level 1.8

I’m working on a new Java project and I set up my Arch Linux operating system to have both Java Development Kit 1.7 and 1.8 coexisting at the same time. I tried using lambda expressions writing source code with my Eclim (Vim + Eclipse) system while I got the error Lambda expressions are allowed only at source level 1.8 or above.

“Damn, what’s happening!” was my first expression…:D:D:D


Anyway, the OpenJDKfirst thing I thought was about a conflict between OpenJDK 7 and OpenJDK 8. I uninstalled OpenJDK 8 and I run eclim again. Same error.

“What the hell!!!”…my second expression…:D:D:D:D:D


Googling a little bit, I found a guy with my same problem. The real solution is easier than expected: just clean up the workspace, remove it and than starting eclim, allow it to create the new one.


Enjoy guys and happy hacking!


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