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netctl: wifi-menu with wpa2-enterprise network

When I arrived in the wonderful ArchLinux dimension I had to deal with a totally new thing: the dark world of the wpa2-enterprise network.

What a hell! Is a normal wpa2 too foregone?

Anyway, for us ArchLinux users a new thing is very good way to learn (also because otherwise I wouldn’t have had the vital internet connection!).

If you want to dig into the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) topic to get more informations about, I strongly suggest to take a look at the Wikipedia page because it’s a really interesting argument.

Back to business, I had to hurry because I was using the Mobile HotSpot. How to deal with WPA2-Enterprise and netctl?

The netctl-eduroam package provides a template for easy configuration. Once installed, copy the template from /etc/netctl/examples/eduroam to /etc/netctl/eduroam and modify it according to your credentials. To get the wireless interface, open a terminal and type

ip link show

Normally, the wireless device should be like wxxxx, in my case wlp3s0.

Now, you should have all the informations you need to set up the network configuration file:

Description='Profile description'

Now, from the terminal, and only for the first time, type

wifi-menu -o

and you shouldn’t have problems to connect to the net! GWH!

Note: these stuff can be use to setup also unitn-x network of UniTn, if someone need to use.

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