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No Windows 7 updates after installation from scratch

In the last month I had to deal with Windows 7 installation from scratch. Well, nothing so difficult, every step went off pretty easily. Until I got to the update part…after waiting for hours, No Windows 7 updates after installation from scratch!

no windows 7 updates after installation from scratch

Too strange, Windows 7 installation from scratch without further updates?
Trying to solve this issue, I went through the following post written by Franco Leuzzi:

Windows Update per nuova installazione Windows 7

It’s Italian I know, sorry about that. But that solution fixed my problem in few seconds!
Here, I’m going to summarize the entire procedure:

  1. Install licensed version of Windows 7
  2. Download and install with administrator rights service pack 1 if the installed version of Windows 7 doesn’t include it
  3. Reboot
  4. Download the following packages:
    1. KB3083710 32bit or 64bit
    2. KB3102810 32bit or 64bit
  5. Disconnect your pc from internet
  6. Install KB3083710 and reboot
  7. Keeping your computer disconnected from internet, install KB3102810 and reboot
  8. Connect your pc to internet; the system should connect to the server and shows updates in very short time

That’s all! If something is not so clear, please comment this post!


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