Get a site undefined symbol: poppler_orientation_get_type

Today I needed to use PDF-Shuffler to manage a pdf document.

Calling it from terminal I got the following error:

$ pdfshuffler
Error: Could not import pdfshuffler
Cause: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ undefined symbol: poppler_orientation_get_type

What’s the problem? The problem is due to Poppler 0.39 or better it is due to lack of recent updates to the pdfshuffler. Thus, the fastest solution is the downgrade of both the packages poppler-glib-0.38.0-3 and poppler-0.38.0-3

~ $ downgrade poppler-glib poppler

without adding the previous packages to the ignore packages list.

However another issue rises: building a TeX file with pdflatex I got another error due to a not updated poppler library.

What’s the solution in this case? I don’t know. Maybe waiting for an update of pdfshuffler, or changing it with a more supported project.


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