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QGIS 2.14: how to install step by step on Windows

In this post I want to explain step by step the installation of the actual version (2.18) of QGIS. That’s very simple for somebody but maybe can help the others.

Firstable you need to download the software from the official site QGIS Download. So follow the link or search it on Google:

Save the installer (if your antivirus doesn’t trust just do it manually):

Open the installer and give the Administrator permissions to it:

So the installation of the software will start and you need only to follow the instructions. So close all the others applications and click on “Next”.

Accept the licence, click “Next”.

Choose where to install the software (leave default if not sure).

Choose the components that you want to install. That are not the plugins, just example Datasets. Proceed by “Install”.

After the installation should return the last window if all went right.

For every doubts or improvements to this simple step by step installation guide contact us just commenting this post.
Bye bye. GWH! #gwh

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