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The Random Sunday: what is hacking?

During my free time I usually read some stuff on social news aggregators as reddit and is from there that I thougth to bring the Random Sunday of this week!

Nowadays we have smartphones and computer that have an incredible power but we don’t care about the real stuff inside the box. Of course informatics know that and study very well the topic, and this post is referred to them, but not the concept!

What is hacking? Everything that you try to do just to learn something new. And that is what try to explain the reddit submition that I report:

Programming thought experiment: stuck in a room with a PC without an OS.
(submitted 7 years ago by vanjos72)
Imagine you are imprisoned within a room for what will likely be a very long time. Within this room there is a bed, toilet, sink and a desk with a PC on it that is fully functioning electronically but is devoid of an Operating System. Your basic needs are being provided for but without any source of entertainment you are bored out of your skull. You would love to be able to play Tetris or Freecell on this PC and devise a plan to do so. Your only resource however is your own ingenuity as you are a very talented programmer that possesses a perfect knowledge of PC hardware and protocols. If MacGyver was a geek he would be you. This is a standard IBM Compatible PC (with a monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard) but is quite old and does not have any USB ports, optical drives or any means to connect to an external network. It does however have a floppy drive and on the desk there is floppy disk. I want to know what is the absolute bare minimum that would need to be on that floppy disk that would allow you to communicate with the hardware to create increasingly more complex programs that would eventually take you from a low-level programming language to a fully functioning graphical operating system. What would the different stages of this progression be?

What the hell?! No worries if you are able to do solve it like me 😀 But we can think together about what exactly is necessary, as when the computers were created!

Think about, write the elements down and than..check the solution! Yes, a guy answer to this question 😉
Happy hacking! #gwh #therandomsunday

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