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Java JDK: how to set JAVA_HOME on Windows 10

Hi there! I know that most of the people already know how to set JAVA_HOME on Windows, but if you are a beginner and need a step by step guide for Windows 10 here you can find it.

  1. Firstly click on Start button and search for Settings or System. After that you can proceed on About -> System info -> Advanced system settings:
  2. java_home1


  3. At that point the System properties window should appear and by clicking on Environment variables the relative window will open
  4. java_home3


  5. At the Environment variables tab, add a new variable called JAVA_HOME under the System variables section and the path to your current Java JDK (in Windows is usually C:\Program Files\Java\jdk***)
  6. java_home5

  7. Confirm the above step, then return to the Environment variables window; still under System variables modify the variable Path adding the string %JAVA_HOME%\bin
  8. java_home6


  9. Confirm your changes and check if everything is right. Then open the Windows Powershell (just searching cmd after clicking on Start button) and type the follow commands
  10. > echo %JAVA_HOME%
    > javac -version

The results should be like in the figure below. Otherwise, something went wrong and you should check the previous steps once again, restarting you device.


That’s all!! GWH! Leave your comments!! 🙂

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