A briefly guide to use BibLaTeX

Do you want to learn everything about BibLaTeX? You can find the complete guide here and in the relative CTAN documentation. This post is only to help you in a hurry, or just to remind the right place of things. First of all, BibLaTeX is based on two files: mainFile.tex Continue reading A briefly guide to use BibLaTeX

poppler.so: undefined symbol: poppler_orientation_get_type

Today I needed to use PDF-Shuffler to manage a pdf document. Calling it from terminal I got the following error: What’s the problem? The problem is due to Poppler 0.39 or better it is due to lack of recent updates to the pdfshuffler. Thus, the fastest solution is the downgrade Continue reading poppler.so: undefined symbol: poppler_orientation_get_type

bflabel undefined: LaTeX error

Today, uploading a document in LaTeX to Overleaf, I got the following error while waiting for the remote preview: OMG! What’s happening? I never received that error from my classicthesis-preample.sty script. Googling I found the answer: bflabel is not being used in the newest implementation of acronym.sty, because aclabelfont had Continue reading bflabel undefined: LaTeX error

markboth: How to use to insert a nouppercase heading in LaTeX

A friend of mine asked me to solve the following issue in : in his master thesis he made use of the command markboth to insert the string “Elenco delle figure” (“List of figures”) on the upper corner of the heading of table the of contents. This modify works however, at Continue reading markboth: How to use to insert a nouppercase heading in LaTeX