CLI markdown viewer

Markdown is a very powerful and easy syntax, used to create rich text through a plain text editor and to format ReadMe files. The latter are the “main introduction” to the source code gatherd in a GitHub repository as well, so writing that kind of files in the most accurate Continue reading CLI markdown viewer

Terminal: time command use

The command was born to know the time used by a command, but with the GNU Version it is possible to have more informations on other resources (memory, I/O or IPC). As you can find tiping man time on a terminal the command syntax is the follow: time [options] command Continue reading Terminal: time command use

Terminal: date command use

This is a post to support another post but it can be useful as guide to use date command in general purpose. This command is used to print or set the system date and time. You can find all this just tiping man date on a terminal. The syntax is very Continue reading Terminal: date command use