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Teamviewer installation on Archlinux

I think that Teamviewer is a great tool if you are far from a computer which you don’t have ssh access (my very first choice) to. Here I’m going to show a couple of bash command you have to type after a Teamviewer installation on Archlinux.

Teamviewer installation on Archlinux

Well, first of all we need to install Teamviewer:

You cannot expect to use Tab for autocompletion, because the package is hosted at the AUR repo. Thus, after typing the complete word teamviewer, you have just to follow the standard recipe. If you haven’t installed Yaour yet, just follow the post: “yaourt: how to install it through terminal”. I strongly suggest you to install it because yeah, the very first times might be useful to download and build the packages but after few times…well time is time guys!

So, at the end of the installation you will see the following sentences:

The Teamviewer daemon must be running for Teamviewer to work.
Execute ‘sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd’ in a terminal.

We need to type the suggested command:

BUT…there is a BUT! Yes, because once you run Teamviewer you get the following Error

Error you get after running Teamviewer without starting the daemon
Error you get after running Teamviewer without starting the daemon

Thus, you have to run the daemon and then running Teamviewer again:

This thing is really really comfortable because in this way you can start/stop the daemon as you wish.

Just another thing: you can use Teamviewer also on your Android device. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

That’s all guys…#gwh

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2 Replies to “Teamviewer installation on Archlinux”

  1. you must be start teamvewer deamon befor run that
    use as this cammand :

    $ teamviewer –deamon start
    $ teamviewer –deamon enable

    if you have any problem again then you can use at this command :

    teamviewer –ziplog

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