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USB controller on Virtualbox VM

Today I tried to fix a problem that I had on my VirtualBox VM, I couldn’t use the USB controller!!

I use Arch Linux as host and Windows 7 as guest on VirtualBox 5.1.2-1. The USB controlled was enabled on USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller, but if I tried to mount the USB it was recognized only by my host.

So here how I solved the problem:

  • Add user to vboxusers group: as indicated by the guide you have to add the user that launch the VirtualBox machine to the vboxusers group:

    # usermod -aG additional_groups username

    for example:
    # usermod -aG vboxusers daniele
  • Enable USB 2.0 Controller: I tried to use the 3.0 support but it doesn’t work for me, while I didn’t trouble with the the 2.0. So to enable it just go to Settings -> USB and mark the USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller usb settings
  • Use the USB Controller/li>: to use the USB Controller just follow the steps below.
    1. Run the VirtualBox machine;
    2. Mount the USB in the host OS;
    3. Go to Devices -> USB and tip the USB that you want to capture. usb capture

All should work fine now! #gwh

If you have questions or if you know why 3.0 Controller doesn’t works leave a comment!!! Thanks to all!

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