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Vim, eclim: how to refresh the project

I love writing source code or \LaTeX documents and editing each and every type of text file through command line editors. And yes, I love both Emacs and Vim. Even if there is a famous war between the two users’ community, I use Emacs for C++ programming, \LaTeX editing, bash and R scripting, emails writing.

Vim, eclim

I use Vim (Vim, eclim) for Java programming and Gradle editing.


Why? Because I need a very well set up IDE, but I don’t like the complex Graphical User Interfaces of Eclipse or Netbeans. So, the best way to include the powerful of an IDE with the lightness and ease of use of Vim is by adding eclim functionalities to the engine of Vim.

In this blog I’m going to write a lot about that, bringing to you my daily experiences.

The following on is a very simple suggestion: after including an important patch in a .java file, you might get in trouble running, for istance, JUnit test because the project might not have loaded the changes yet. Thus JUnit test are run on the old code.

To avoid this kind of tiresome misunderstandings, just refresh the project typing


from within your Vim istance.

That’s all guys!
Come back soon, with other tricks!

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